Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome back me!

Wow. It has been a long long time!

Way too long!

Anyway . this blog really will be to update you on the fact that I am doing some very interesting things.

For instance, school. whooo hoo...
Yes it's that time again, time for that sort of fun thing that takes up most of my life besides work.

Either way, school has brought me much awesomeness.


Well, it's not exactly my school but stay tuned for story videos that will show and tell you some strange happenings in my life.

In the meantime, Let's talk about insomnia.

I like many college goers suffer from a mild insomnia and an inability to go to bed before 12. It sucks. Especially mornings. Now I'm not TOO old but not too many people can sleep for 2-3 hours before a long day. So basically my schedule is now beating insomnia for me... Hopefully?

Anyway, I have a reason for telling you this because in addition to videos you will start receiving new content on this blog far more often. Why? Because I have a schedule now and schedules have room for extras especially extras like silly blogs.

So herehave some poetry, on the house. We shall talk again soon.

leave the words unspoken, or say the words today. 
the fantasy can be broken, there's always a price to pay. 
It's like a guilded token, and I have no other way, 
but now I must let you be awoken, let the cards lie where they may. 

A light that blinds, and words that numb. 
A chill that binds, and loving songs that are sung. 
It builds my heart, and builds my soul, 
the shinging crescendo at the end of tattered wool.

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