Sunday, January 30, 2011

More poetry as I stall in my video making

I have discovered of course, once again, that I am terrible on camera and instead of trying to fix this, I am currently stalling for time, which I have plenty of. In the meantime, have an advance look into one of my videos.

1:58 am on a Friday eve, I write this poem but don't hide it up my sleeve.
It may make no sense, and have no plot, I will tag no one, for getting readers, I care not.
All I know is that it's Friday night, and I have nothing to do, no way of flight.

The river

A peaceful river flows,
in a valley where no one goes,
time passes but can't be found,
a bird chirps without a sound.

I shall go to this river and watch it dance,
think about some sweet romance,
I'll realize that I've left it all,
in the forest dark and tall.

I tell myself that this will pass,
and truer things will gather en masse,
I watch this valley in repose,
and try to make some flowers grow.


Waves crash, lines blur
night falls, I (have) mirth

Stars shine, moons gleam
voices laugh, you beam

lights blind, clouds shove
gulls fly, we love


Deja vu

Deja vu,
dreaming true?
Knowing future,
the future's you.

I lie awake,
I see the stakes.
Thinking forward,
What am I heading toward?

There's a way,
to save today.
But I can't go on,
without your song.

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