Monday, September 12, 2011


Dang it's been a while.

Btw, that tends to be the major theme of my blog posts when I have a blog. I never actually get around to working on it.

Back at school again, tired and a wee bit depressed, but otherwise I'm doing ok. Found a interesting website to 'win' games that I will never win. . I should send my sis an invite as she actually has a steam account. If anyone finds this and has a steam account and wants to try for free games, just bother me somehow. The site is legit, for now, according to steam, they are being careful with it and you should be too.

In the meantime, Dungeons of Dreadmor has completely taken over my gaming life while I am dodging homework or not watching game videos or movies. It's a cute cheap game that's essentially a dungeon crawler with some interesting add ons. my easy not-perma-deathing (have to start somewhere) character is almost max level (maybe?) and someday I will reach the bottom, or wherever I'm supposed to be getting. A lot of the game is kinda grindy, but it never stops being fun. OH GOD MONSTER ZOO, TALK LATER