Saturday, October 16, 2010

"It's Kind of a funny story"

Hey Blogites, just today I saw a movie with my family and after 2 weeks of not updating, I thought that to try to get back in the swing of things I would blog about this pretty good movie.

So basically it's about a guy who checks himself into a mental ward, and meets people, and discovers stuff about himself in the process. Pretty interesting idea for a movie, and it goes actually really well. Honestly, I'm the type of reviewer who can't say much about a movie without giving it away, and this movie is TOO good to even try to talk much about it. 

But really, my reaction: I enjoyed it, but as all good movies with a romantic subplot (omg, romantic subplot!? YOU GAVE IT AWAY! ok seriously, very few movies DON'T have a romantic sideplot), it made me kinda sad at the ending. I hate to admit it, but I'm a hopeless romantic, and even more hopelessly single with an unsure ending in sight. I have crushes and possible leads but honestly it's tough.

From movies to myself, eh, blogs do that anyway, deal:
I'm Jewish (insert 5001 jokes about jews, hitler, etc, I've gotten them all and I don't really care), and the tough part about my Jewishness is that my family is Orthodox. Now, people don't really know what this means besides cliches, well let me tell you how my romantic life is stemmed and you can decide.
  1. The MOST important, I have to marry a Jew. Not an option. This means that the dating pool is closed down to 2% or something. We may seem everywhere, but really, there's not that many of us and we're spread out.
  2. Because I have to marry jewish, I obviously "Can't date a nonjew", not that it hasn't stopped me before, but I'm tired of the heartbreaks and etc, and I guess I'm looking for Ms. Right, or however you spell it. 
  3. Because I'm looking for Ms. Right, shit is tough. 

Tl;dr: Shit's tough.

Anyway, for talking about a movie, this post got pretty personal. Ah well, so be it. Hope you guys don't mind introspective rather than extrospective (who cares if that isn't a word.)

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