Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dat first post

Ahoy there internet surfers and avast and all that good junk. Welcome to Ridiculousness and chicanery, the blog where I talk about stuff that may or may not matter to you.

Post 1 is alll about well...
me. the blogger.

I know, I know, exciting and critical stuff right? If you're new and actually reading the archives, you can skip this one, it's pointless, no seriously...

I'm waiting....

Are they gone?


Now that that's done and gone with, let's talk about bloggery and stuff.

I started this blog for not so very great purposes, but because I am so dedicated to providing the internets with wholesome (cough) material and having a proper blog, I am deciding to post consistently about life, gaming, and other weird stuff I find pertinent.  That's really about it, I  mean, I could go all into my life right now and talk about how I'm a 22 year old who goes to some college somewhere and has unrealistic adventures that actually happen...

Or I could actually get to my homework and write an entire 4-6 minute informational speech about ham. Honestly I don't know what I'm going to talk about and it's due on Monday and I'm probably going to be going ON Monday, so I should probably get to that... sometime. Oh and pick up my car from a side street.

Yeah, so as you can see, I kinda ramble a bit, but that's because first posts ANYWHERE suck. If I deliver quality material now you'll all be thinking 'wow, that blogger over there, he was good, but now he just... ugh.' So, now I can aim higher in each subsequent post, mwahahah.

That said, the next post is about Porn.

Totally joking of course, you fool.


  1. Congrats about your new blog and first post, looking forward to reading more, every single day, son.

  2. Interesting blog, looking forward to more! I saved your link, google is messing up again and I can't follow people for some reason... Hopefully things get fixed soon, till then I have your link on my desktop ;)

  3. I'm also just starting in the blogging community, watching for some interesting tales...